Sustainability and Style @ SXSW 2020

Our founder Allison Vicenzi will be speaking at SXSW 2020 on the topic of “conscious wardrobes” and debating sustainable clothing trends and technologies, alongside peers in the industry. [This event has passed. READ MORE AND WATCH THE RECORDING HERE]

Stamping over stains

These Rick Owens silk pants were marred by a burrito lunch during September NYFW in 2018 (major grease stains, still visible after two rounds of dry cleaning). I worked backstage for the Marina Moscone and Opening Ceremony presentations that season. Blockprinted lines in a contrasting pattern covered the stain and added a knee patch look.Continue reading “Stamping over stains”

At-home composting for apartments, houses, anywhere with a freezer

Sustainability is a spectrum and there is no wrong way to get involved. If you’re thinking you want to find real, tangible ways to make a difference in helping the environment and preserving natural resources, composting is the best place to begin. Not only will you dramatically decrease your (inadvertent) contributions to toxic waste streamsContinue reading “At-home composting for apartments, houses, anywhere with a freezer”

Part 2: How To Thrift Well

In Part 1, I committed to using the VICENZI blog to challenge myths and overexposed ideas for sustainability within fashion, to show there is not one *right* approach. Part 2 will cover shopping secondhand, the most sustainable choice when it comes to resource conservation and minimizing waste. How To Thrift Well Some friends and I hadContinue reading “Part 2: How To Thrift Well”

Part 1: Debunking

I’ve talked to hundreds of women in the past two years about their wardrobes: wants, needs, desires, frustrations. The main complaints related to conscious consumption shifts are as follows: “I want to shop smarter but it’s too hard / daunting.” “I’m not sure where to go…” “I want to shop sustainably and ethically but it’sContinue reading “Part 1: Debunking”

From Sheep to Shop: How We Made Blazer Nº1

Clothing isn’t made by robots in a lab. It’s part science, part art, and almost entirely dependent upon people like us. Agile human hands and resourceful minds keep the process running smoothly, across international borders, with minimal waste and optimal integrity. We’ll use the production process for our Blazer Nº1 to take you on this colorful journey – from sheep to shop.

Design Philosophy

Why and How We Work Design Ethos VICENZI explores ways to make beautiful and thoughtful things, to help humans and nature connect and live as one. We started this company as a project dedicated to mapping out a circular design ecosystem. Sustainability is a philosophy and a commitment; circular design is a specific path forward.Continue reading “Design Philosophy”