designer / director

Areas of Expertise & Interest
  • Circular Design
  • Styling & Wardrobe
  • Creative Repairs & Remaking
  • Copywriting & Editing
  • Strategy
  • Educational Events & Workshops

Allison Vicenzi (1989 — ), an American born in St. Louis and raised in Norwalk, CT, is a designer, entrepreneur, and writer most notable for her exploration of connecting humans to nature and to each other through design and creative experiments. She spends a significant amount of time talking to people about their relationship to things and life itself.

With an eye for detail, a photographic memory, and a keen desire to celebrate the spirit of the times, Vicenzi applied her scrappy nature and curiosity for hands-on making to launch the first commercially available circular clothing design (Blazer №1 by VICENZI, est. 2016). She previously ran the Education divisions for two leading 3D printing companies.

Ms. Vicenzi is now designing for systems to make creative reuse and repurposing more accessible, desirable, and scalable. The more we use the things we have, the less we need to pull from nature.

Here are the people that mean the most to the designer.

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allisonspace ~ ideas in progress

Chinatown live/work space. NYC, November 2017.